Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back on the wagon

I've been bad....but not the worst I've ever been. I fell off the diet, journaling, sticking to a budget and cleaning the house and being positive wagon. This is usually what happens when I let my depressive feelings take over and envelope me instead of trying to press through the fog. My goal was to eleminate those peroids all together. I know I will always feel the depressive moods but the point was to keep going through the motions of daily life until the negative feelings pass and to use tools to keep the positive feelings around longer. I see now that maybe I need to take babysteps and have a goal to do most everything during those periods and try to make those periods as short as possible. Sorry I know I'm rambling but I do this when I'm back on an upswing. I first look around at everything that I neglected, work on getting caught up, then analyze my feelings to come up with strageties to avoid falling behind with life when I feel depressed. At the moment I'm near the end of getting caught up mode and begining the obsessive analyzation stage. UGH.

So today I'm thankful for.....

1. The debt collectors that bought out the debt we still owe on my hubby reposessed Durango (in which we were upside down on). We owe almost 13,000 but they are offering us a settlement deal to pay 10% ($1261) and they will forgive the rest of the debt. YAY big win here because that counts for a little more than half our total debt.
2. I'm thankful for my Grandmother who is loaning me the 1261 interest free and is letting me pay her $50 a month until we get our taxes next year (yes we already spent our taxes this year on debt and moving) then I will give her a lump sum for the remainder.
3. I'm also thankful for my friend "M" who used to be a morgage broker. He informed us that the aprox. 10,000 that the debt collector is forgiving us will be viewed by the IRS as taxable income. BUT since we are dirt poor right now if we fill out the proper paperwork and show that our remaining debt is still more that what we own (which it totally it because we don't own hardly anything of value) we can get around paying taxes on it.
4. I'm thankful for my hubby who pitched in around the house with cooking and laundry when I was on a, "I Don't Wanna Do Anything Binder."
5. I'm thankful for my children....who always manage to make me smile at least once a day with some silly thing they say or so makes up for the times they drive me NUTS.

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