Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gratitude 4/27/10

Today I'm thankful for:

1.Thick windows- Our house has undergone a lot of remodeling and the final project is the yard. The backyard was completely torn up because of the dumpster and construction equipment driving on and off the property over the last 9 months. Today they leveled out the dirt, put down manure and planted seeds. I look forward to having grass in the next few months...but today I'm thankful for my thick windows because my yard does not smell very nice.

2. The flexibility of my job-Today the babysitters kids were sick AGAIN. I had a meeting first thing in the morning so hubby called into work to say he would be an hour and a half late. After my meeting I was able to gather up the rest of my work and bring it home. Sometimes I bring the kids (the youngest two because the oldest two are in school) up to my office for the day, the color and play and watch Dora on my laptop. As long as they are not crazy disruptive, and its not something that happens too much, as long as I meet my deadlines my boss is pretty relaxed with me.

3. Small town living-I grew up in a city, and lived in two major mid west cities and now live in a town of 4000 people, I love the slow pace of life. No longer having a commute for work also gives us so much more time with our family

4. DVR- My day is so busy, and I love to catch a good movie or watch certian shows. It is impossible to watch tv with 4 kids running around and in all fairness I think after working all day the 4 hours between getting home and putting the kids to bed every week night should be spent with my children....not ploped in front of the tv ignoring them. The DVR allows me to catch my shows after my children have gone to bed.

5. Thrift Stores- Summer is almost here and I love buying new pretty clothes during the school year but not during the summer. The kids go do daycare 4 days a week and spend most of the day in the sandbox. (I work for in higher education but as the head of a program, not as a teacher, so I have to put in hours during the summer but I get a three day weekend all summer) I love buying old stained thrift store clothes and not worrying about how their new pretty shirt may get ruined at daycare. Plus it saves me a lot of money in the summer months.

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