Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trying to stay positive

I was on track with the positive thinking this week until my babysitter called in once again saying her kids were sick. I may be wrong, maybe there is something up with her kids but since she found out my job will pay her 5 days a month that my kids don't come, it seems like her kids are conveniently sick 5 times every month. So Tuesday she calls at the last minute and says her kid is sick. I had a meeting with my committee and could not miss work but this is my husbands busy time of the year at work. So I went to my meeting and he just went to work an hour late. Then she called at the last minute yesterday saying he kid was still sick and she was going to finally take him to the doctor, then called later saying she would not be able to take my kids today as well.

Now I am thankful that my job is flexible, Tuesday hubby brought my 2 and 3 year old to my office and they played and watched Dora on the laptop while I worked, then we go to lunch at home and I do some work from home while they nap. Yesterday and today they went with me to the office for 4 hours in the morning and then we went to lunch and the are laid down for a nap for two hours before we have to go get my other two kids. When I get the other kids at 3 the last two hours I should be working....I honestly have no time to work because they all want something. Basically I should work an 8 hour day but I end up putting in 6 hours on days my babysitter calls in sick. This week was slow for work but I do side work online asChaCha Guide. We are behind in money and I need to earn $200 by April 6th and because work was slow this week I was going to sneak in some ChaCha time. It is a pain in the ass to do ChaCha when the kids are around. So Ive been stressed this week because of my frustration with the sitter, being behind and possibly not making enough money to cover bills, and I will still have to make up 6 hours of work in my main job..sometime next week.

Although I'm least I did get to put some hours in, and at least my job doesn't mind my kids being there and me doing some work from home, and being thankful that I even have ChaCha to help supplement our income at times like this.

Oh yeah...I'm working on my Masters online...I haven't had any time left to check into school these past few days, so tonight I will be doing ChaCha as well as burning the midnight oil for school.

I know every mom feels overloaded but this an extra crazy and frustrating week....but...Stay Positive, Right?


  1. I would tell your baby sitter that you find someone else who doesn't have children that you can use when her kids are making it impossible for her to do her job. Then casually mention that she offers extras like picking up your kids! And that you two might just be maybe if your current BS feels threatened she'll get her ass in gear!

  2. I wish it were that easy, I live in a very very very small town (4000 people if you count the 1000 college students who come and go every semester) daycare spots are limited, all the providers know each other and know who has openings and what not. :-( If I lived in the city again...I'd use your suggestion in a heartbeat! lol