Sunday, April 25, 2010


I missed a day but I did think about what I was grateful for..just did not find time to post it.

Yesterday I helped our babysitter have a garage sale to raise money for her new swing set, I hosted it at my house because I have a huge driveway and live right on the main street in a small town. I was sitting there in the cold know..people pay about $30 to put an add in the local paper, I should charge $15 for them to use my driveway and save money of the add. I never would do that, but I'm always thinking of silly ways to make extra money.

The real point is...I had a very busy weekend because of helping out friends.

Yesterday on top of cleaning my house and grocery shopping alone with my 4 children because hubby was at work, I had the garage sale all morning and co-hosted a pampered chief party in the evening. I am working on my Masters Degree online and had a paper due by midnight so I had that to think of as well.

Sometimes I'm thankful for having such good friends, because they help me out when I need it as well, so it's not all one sided. But I also think I have to say no to some people from time to time.

Yesterday....for the most part....I was very thankful for sleep...when I finally got to bed at 1am. Oh yeah....other than missing a post yesterday in the journal I've been doing pretty good about the changes I wanted to make...with the exception of getting more sleep.

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