Sunday, April 25, 2010


I don't live my life by the stars but I do like to look at them from time to time for fun. For the most part I like to read about the personality traits of the signs. Today I noticed for the first time that hubby and I are the least compatible of the signs. I am an Aquarius and he is a Scorpio. The website said that these two signs have a hard time with communication. This is so true, I like to ramble on telling a person what happened by painting a picture and giving background information. Hubby is a, "JUST THE FACTS MAM," kinda person. This can be frustrating for both of us because he tunes me out and misses the point of my stories and I feel he does not give me enough information mainly about things that relate to our busy schedule. At times I become introspective and keep to myself that comes off as cold and uncaring. He is a very emotional needy person that comes off as jealous and possessive at times. I am the type of person who does not want to be smothered or tied down and I flee from situations that make me feel that way. It was just interesting to see the very things we struggle with as a couple laid out on a website that says why we are not compatible.

Horoscope compatibility leaves out the fact that we are madly in love with each other. The signs don't tell about how the first time he wrapped his arms around me and I felt at relaxed and at home for the first time in my life, and how I still feel that way everyday after 10 years. How he is the best lover I've ever had. How he tells me that I'm beautiful and the most wonderful person in the world...everyday. How he cares for our children, and can tell before I even ask that I need a break from the kids and steps in to help. How on his days off he asks me what he can help out with around the house and pitches in without complaint. How we had similar upbringings and have similar values and views when it comes to life.

I understand how he communicates and I give him the facts as much as I can, and save the storytelling part of my personality for my best friends K (a guy) and L (a girl). (who are both Gemini's which happens to be the best match for my personality) I can tell when he's feeling needy and I attend to his needs and he can tell when I need my space and he attends to my needs. That's what marriage is after all, a lifetime of compromises. Should you compromise who you are But understanding your partners way of thinking and tweaking how you interact to make sure their needs are met. I think we have a lot of divorces because people forget that simple act. I know we did and almost lost everything.

BTW if hubby were writing this post...he would simply say, "My wife and I, our signs our not compatible, but I love her anyway."

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