Thursday, April 22, 2010


Journals are a very dangerous thing, I’ve never believed in them. Mainly because I carry myself to be a good person but deep down I truly am not. I feel to truly journal you must write down every action and thought honestly...this can get a person in trouble. My first thought about keeping a journal was to make sure I keep this well hidden. Then I thought...what's the point of writing things down if no one ever reads it. When you unburden, you are casting out those bad thoughts. If I write down my thoughts and stick them in a dark corner where no one will ever see them, what's the point. I may as well keep those thoughts tucked away safely in the dark corners of my mind. Then I had a second thought, the internet is a wonderful tool for anonymity. So, here I am unburdening my thoughts to...whoever cares to the safest way I can possibly think of. I want to start out by saying I may not have the nicest things to say, so if I offend you I'm sorry, but being utterly honest, even anonymously takes some courage. Some of my thoughts are typical things a mother and wife would worry about and some of them are not but they are who I am and I'm here owning them, even if it offends. Oh and I'm not a writer by be forgiving if I ramble or do not use proper grammar.

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